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Sewing Leather

Offixia Office Chairs Manufacturer

Offixia having a good understanding of the needs of the market, manufactures a large range of seats in order to cover the specific needs for each space. Its elegant and ergonomic seats, in a variety of desings, materials and colours, constitute a complete collection aiming at the absolute comfort for the user. 
In this catalogue you will find wheeled seats, general purpose seats, seats for multiple use, wheeled stools, multi-seat sofas , leather armchairs, and general purpose armchairs.
Their anatomic design, in a combination with their well tested mechanism, provide comfort and functioinality.
Offixia manufactures its seats with materials of the highest quality and durability, pursuing at the constant improvement and enrichment of its collection with new desings , while offering its technical support to each colloberator who trusts its reliability and potential.

Made in Europe

Offixia Company and Optimum Gamer belong to Villa Group that was established in 1967 and operates in the field of design, production and trading of professional office furniture. It has a full range of products for conference rooms, offices, schools.

The factory is located at the 17,5 km point on the Thessaloniki-Serres old national road, in a privately owned area of 8000 sq. metres of which 2300 sq. metres are built. 

All our products are CE marked, complying with the highest standards of quality, safety, functionality and durability. In addition, we provide technical support and warranty for all over products.

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